When Not Skiing – Fishing Is Another Great Getaway

We are all about skiing. Technically one could ski around the year just by moving all over the world and following the cold seasons. However, most of us tend to stay in one place, go some place to ski, and return home subject to the seasons that go past us. Those with a lifestyle mindset will find other ways to stay engaged in things that are not mundane.

Fishing is a great way to unwind, relax, and take one’s mind off all that is going on around them.

Like Skiing, equipment is at the heart of getting the most out of the experience. We ran across an interesting site called RodSeek that is about matching those that fish with people who build custom rods. Much like we build content around skiing with the hopes to match people who ski with a place to stay when skiing.

When it comes to custom made fishing rods, made in America, RodSeek.com is the ideal place to spend some time reading and learning about rods and those who make them. We recommend you check them out to be prepared for those warmer months when you won’t be on the slopes.

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