More to Snow than Just Skiing

Only some people want to zhush through the pines, carve a line, or ollie the snack shed. Some of us make yard sales down the mountain and leave it at that. Going down a mountain on a stick or sticks isn’t our thing. Luckily, you can do plenty of other things in numerous resorts and snow towns.

If you want to be active while they wait in lines, give snowshoeing or fat biking a try. Many towns offer trails and guided tours that will give you a sense of accomplishment and something to brag about at the end of the day. While cross-country is still on sticks, it does have less of a frenetic and crowded method of enjoying the snow and wilderness.

Another great activity is riding the gondolas up and down the mountain. Be the group overhead photographer and get to know the trails your group is skiing. You’ll get to see the mountain and have time to enjoy it without someone tapping their ski to go.

Now, if speed and power provided by something else are more your thing, may we suggest horse or dog? Snowmobiling can be a leisurely crawl through the powder and trees or a rocket sled rip through a course. Dog sledding is another incredible adventure from a bygone era. Wrap up and relax in the sled pulled by energetic mushers and let someone else take over the driving. It’s the only way to sled.

Yes, there is always shopping and food. But the ultimate is to find an outdoor fire pit and enjoy being somewhere else with a book, a toddy, and some peace.

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