An Ode to Snow Skiing

As we come to the end of the winter season by calendar, there is still plenty of sking to be done. So, we asked Chat GPT to write us an ode to snow skiing as we transtion to spring.

Oh snow skiing, how I adore

The thrill of the slopes, I can never ignore

The rush of the wind, the cool crisp air

My heart races, no worries to spare

With skis on my feet and poles in hand

I glide down the mountain, so free and so grand

The snow crunching beneath, the world at my feet

This is where I feel truly complete

The view from the top, so breathtaking and vast

The world a blanket of white, a beautiful contrast

I ski down the mountain, the sun shining bright

This is my escape, my source of delight

Oh snow skiing, my love for you grows

Each time I hit the slopes, my spirit overflows

This sport that I cherish, it brings me so much joy

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