Blue Moose Pizza Beaver Creek

Skiing is Skiing. Condos are Condos. But, where you are, and what else you get to experience, is just as important on a ski vacation. So, from time to time, we will share some of our highlights (and possibly lowlights) to help provide some feel and insights about particular areas. This time around we have to highlight Blue Moose Pizza in Beaver Creek as our first of these offerings. YMMV (if you are not aware of that term, it means Your Mileage May Vary. You may like it more or less than we did).

The first time we went to Beaver Creek it was Thanksgiving week and also happened to be the week of our oldest’s birthday. The day we arrived, there was zero snow and the forecast was for no snow our entire trip. In fact, we never even got to ski. It would have been easy to be frustrated and unhappy. Instead, we decided to make the best of it and take advantage of the local shopping, events, and cuisine. The first night we found Blue Moose just by walking through the village. We had low expectations. After all, pizza is pizza. The restaurant was just steps from our hotel at one end of the village and adjacent to the ice skating rink. For what it is worth, it was also very close to the slopes and the ski lifts that were not running for us that week. What we got was a very family-friendly pizzeria with some of the best pizza we have ever had.

With young kids, they really loved the ability to color on the butcher paper tables.The service was excellent. The overall experience (visual, sound, smell) made us not want to leave. On our five day trip, we had to go back the last night, as well, just to round out the amazing experience. Blue Moose, for us, will be a destination each and every time we get to Beaver creek.

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