Do “no fog” Cloths Work on Goggles and Sunglasses?

We have all been there…out on the slopes, moving fast, getting the rush…and suddenly we cannot see because of the weather change or just getting too hot. The next thing you know, your sunglasses or goggles are fogged up and you have to come to a stop.

My dad used to swear by his handy “no fog cloth”. There was a whole ritual where he grabbed all our eyewear and meticulously wiped the inside and outside of all the lenses. Then he would hand them back to us and say “all good – all safe!!”

“No fog” cloths or anti-fog cloths claim to prevent fogging on goggles and sunglasses by absorbing moisture and preventing it from condensing on the lens. Makes sense, they do effectively wipe down the lenses. There is some evidence to suggest that these cloths can be effective in reducing fogging, particularly on goggles. However, the effectiveness can vary depending on the specific product and the conditions under which they are used. For example, some anti-fog cloths may work well in colder temperatures but become less effective in warmer and more humid conditions. It is also important to note that not all anti-fog cloths are created equal, and some may be more effective than others. 

Some popular brands include: 

In general, using an anti-fog cloth can be a helpful solution for preventing fogging on goggles and sunglasses, but results may vary. It is best to try different products and determine which works best for you. Additionally, proper ventilation and keeping your goggles or sunglasses clean can also help to reduce fogging. Stay safe!!

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