What is “Ski-in, Ski-out”?

When people think about going skiing, minds usually drift to being on the slopes, going downhill (or across the landscape if doing cross country). They usually are not thinking about the work and time required to actually get to the ski area and get started. Some of the more savvy skiers out there are already familiar with the concept of “Ski-in, ski-out”.  Ski-in, ski-out refers to a property or accommodation that is located close to a ski slope and provides easy access to the ski area. It is like the “plug and play” of skiing.

A ski-in, ski-out property allows skiers to walk out their door and onto the ski slope, without the need for transportation or long walks in ski boots. You set your own schedule!! At the end of the day, those skiers can usually ski right back to their condos and avoid all sorts of bottlenecks and drama often shared amongst tired skiers and those ready to just be done. This ski-in, ski-out type of property is highly sought after by ski enthusiasts, as it provides convenient access to the ski area and eliminates the need to carry ski gear to and from the ski slopes.But, the single best reason for ski-in, ski out… Your own personal bathroom, lunchroom and snack spot. No hassling with everyone else and paying high cafeteria prices.

Skiers should look for this special type of designation in postings for lodging. Ski-in, ski-out properties can be anything from a luxury ski chalet to a ski condo, and are often found in ski resort areas. It is important to note that this designation is most commonly used for ski homes and condominiums, but can also apply to hotels and lodges that offer ski-in, ski-out access. The ski resort areas can get a little more crowded around entrances at peak times, so it is important to check on what type of ski-in, ski-out exists. Fortunately, ski-in, ski-out properties offer a convenient and efficient way to enjoy a ski vacation, as they provide easy access to the ski area and allow skiers to spend more time on the slopes and less time getting frustrated.

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